3 New Ways To Manage Your Users :: Brandfolder

Managing users is a key component of your Brandfolder’s success. To make the whole process easier and more efficient, we’ve made a few changes you should know about.

Now, you can invite an unlimited group of users at once, pre-approve people according to their email domains, and quickly find users with an improved search tool. If you’re ready to learn more about these features and begin managing users in a better way, read on!

1. Bulk Invite a Select Group of Users



With bulk invite, you can send invitations to an unlimited number of users at the same time.

Before you send a group invitation, make sure you divide your user lists according to the roles you’d like them to have. For example, a list of guests should be invited separately from a group of collaborators. You also have the option of crafting a personal message to accompany each group invite.

Once you have a list of email addresses separated by commas, spaces, or lines, copy-paste it into the invite box. Select user type, write your personalized message, and click invite!

2. Search Users for Easy Editing


Our new search users box makes it easy to locate a specific Brandfolder user by any information available in their email address. Once you’ve identified the user you want to edit, use the drop down menu to change the user type. You can also click the trash can to delete them from your Brandfolder.

3. Whitelist a Domain to Provide Instant Access


Whitelisted domains allow you to automatically pre-approve users, meaning that it’ll be easier to manage access requests to your private Brandfolder.

To create a whitelist, admins can enter an email domain they’d like to pre-approve. Once users in that domain request access, they’ll be automatically added as a guest (you’ll be able to change the user type later).

Keep in mind this feature would make it possible for everyone in your whitelisted domain to acquire instant access, so avoid it if you only want to grant access to a select number of people within a domain.

What do you think?

These three new features will have you well on your way to managing admins, collaborators and guests more efficiently.

If you have feedback on these new features or suggestions for new ones, drop us a note at support@brandfolder.com. For a full list of our features, visit brandfolder.com/features.