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From coordinating design teams to managing social media accounts, most marketers have their hands full. And when you’re constantly juggling projects in so many different areas it can be hard to focus on excelling in just one.

Here at Brandfolder, we know a thing or two about software tools and how they can make marketers lives much more efficient. To help you sort through the chaos of your daily marketing life, here are our favorite tools for ultimate productivity in the areas of design, social media, analytics, email and content optimization.

1) Design: Visage

Visage is an excellent user-friendly platform that makes it easy to create branded, data-driven content. This data visualization tool helps brands create compelling graphs, charts and imagery that’s relevant to their audience. With Visage, non-design savvy marketers can create stunning designs that are perfect for social sharing.

5 Marketing Tools Guaranteed To Boost Productivity::Visage::Brandfolder

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2) Social Media: Mention

What if you could track every single mention of your brand on the web? That’s the goal of Mention, a real time media monitoring application that lets you track when and where your brand is being talked about. We love that you can export data from this tool, because it helps you compare to your competitors for a true analysis of your social influence.

5 Marketing Tools Guaranteed To Boost Productivity :: Mention :: Brandfolder


3) Analytics: Mixpanel

Mixpanel is great for any marketer who is serious about tracking and improving customer engagement. By providing extensive insight into how users are behaving on websites and mobile apps, marketers can understand patterns such as how long users spend inside an app, or which website buttons are clicked most often.

5 Marketing Tools Guaranteed To Boost Productivity :: Mixpanel :: Brandfolder



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4) Email: MailChimp

While there are dozens of great email marketing tools floating around the web, we love MailChimp for its straightforward user experience and all around slick design. This savvy email brand offers extensive analytics such as link click statistics, industry averages and reason for bounce, all compiled into easily digestible graphics.

5 Marketing Tools Guaranteed To Boost Productivity :: MailChimp :: Brandfolder

5) Content Optimization: Scribe

Scribe makes the content marketing process more efficient by suggesting keywords and phrases based on your audience’s preferences. Once you’ve completed a draft, Scribe helps you optimize it even further by offering tips and tweaks that’ll make your content do well in search engine rankings.

5 Marketing Tooks Guaranteed To Boost Productivity :: Scribe :: Brandfolder



Michelle Polizzi is the Content Coordinator at Brandfolder, a user-friendly tool for brand asset management. When she’s not busy creating content, you can find her bicycling around Denver or catching a live concert. She’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn.