Powerfully Simple
Digital Asset Management

A protected, consistent, and
strikingly visual home for your brand.

Powerfully Simple Digital Asset Management

A protected, consistent, and strikingly visual home for your brand.


Brandfolder gives agencies, including Edelman and Weber Shandwick, the platform they need to productively collaborate with their clients. Whether creating new assets, revising existing assets, or distributing finalized assets, Brandfolder serves as the source of truth between agencies and clients.

Our visually elegant platform makes it easy for agencies to manage multiple clients. It also allows clients to easily access and use their finalized assets — that means no more 5:45 emails to you on Friday afternoons. Plus, we offer asset analytics, so you and your clients understand how their assets are being used.

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Industry-leading technology companies Shazam, OpenTable, and Slack trust Brandfolder for their digital asset management needs. Why? Because Brandfolder’s platform powers the entire asset lifecycle, from creation and approval to distribution and beyond.

Use Brandfolder to organize collateral for a product launch, collaborate with global offices, or serve as a public press kit. Whatever your needs, Brandfolder acts as a self-serve portal for employees and partners to access what they need, when they need it.

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Food & Beverage

Brandfolder’s digital asset management platform enables food and beverage brands to streamline asset production and distribution. Brands including Vermont Hard Cider, Friendly’s, and Oskar Blues Brewing use Brandfolder to provide partners with a polished and professional way to access and share finalized assets, track asset usage, and ensure brand consistency.

Brandfolder provides food and beverage brands with one, branded source of truth for all of their asset management needs, while freeing up employee time to focus on the work that counts.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands Conagra, PVH, and WhiteWave foods depend on Brandfolder to manage multiple brands and act as the source of truth for employees, distributors, and press.

With Brandfolder, CPG brands can harness the power of an organized, versatile brand catalog that contains vital product information, metadata, and SKUs. Similarly, retail brands use Brandfolder to provide distributors with their most up-to-date materials. Brandfolder also provides CPG and retail companies a lens through which to monitor who’s accessing their assets and how they’re being shared.

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World-renowned sports teams, from the Dallas Mavericks to the Seattle Seahawks, use Brandfolder to manage high-traffic and high-value brand assets. Whether housing uniform specs, approved athlete photos, or team and sponsorship logos, Brandfolder acts as the source of truth for all assets — making collaboration among press, suite holders, and clients a breeze.

Brandfolder maintains premier brand integrity by ensuring that partners only use the latest assets. Teams can even understand how their assets are being used online, and by whom, using Brandfolder’s analytics feature.

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No matter your industry, if you care about your brand you need a Brandfolder. If your company doesn’t fall into one of the industries outlined above, Brandfolder can still help provide a simple, visual location for storing, sharing, and showcasing your brand assets.

Brandfolder is the source of truth for all of your marketing-approved assets. It enables easy sharing across your globally distributed teams, partners, and press. Brandfolder also allows you to track asset usage, so you know the exact assets that are boosting your brand’s bottom line.

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