Analyze and track your digital assets with Insights.

Analyze and track assets with Insights.


Better analytics for your brand.

Brandfolder Insights uncovers which assets are performing well, how they're being used, and who's using them. Spend more time creating and distributing the assets that matter.


Understand which assets are performing well, and which ones are being used most frequently.


Get a better pulse on your user's activity, and see which assets users are viewing, downloading, and sharing. You’ll rest easy knowing that the right assets are being placed in the right hands.


Analyze the activity within your Brandfolder to identify brand trends and patterns. Collecting this data will supercharge your marketing efforts and help you be more strategic when building targeted campaigns.


With Insights, you can provide clear ROI on your marketing efforts. Use the data to benchmark the performance of each of your assets, and optimize accordingly.

Want to unlock your brand's Insights?

We’d love to the show you how your digital assets are being consumed and shared. Discover your Insights data now.