Sharing made easy.

Sharing made easy.


Whether you send assets privately or publicly, our user-friendly platform makes sharing easier for everyone.

If you’re used to sending assets back and forth through email conversations and cloud storage links, we have a better way. Whether you send a single link, a collection, or a saved search, Brandfolder empowers you to share smartly.


Finally, access that suits your unique privacy needs. Tailor the perfect sharing experience by setting expirations for user access, simple password, or individual assets.


Improve organization and refine permissions with collections. Our customers use collections to streamline asset sharing with partners, distributors, sales teams, and more. Achieve seamless collaboration with an individual, a group, or your entire organization.


Extend Brandfolder capabilities into your organization’s page without sending users to a different website. You can even use embedded logic to expose specific assets (filtering on sections, collections, and queries).


Show off your brand to the world. Our public sharing option allows indexing by major search engines (like Google) to help build your brand’s authority. Share a single link with press, media and partners for easy access.


One link, multiple sharing options. Send links internally to users of a Brandfolder, or externally with anyone. Confidently protect time-sensitive assets by specifying custom expiration dates.

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